Enema Nozzles Review

How to pick the best enema nozzles for you

When it comes to backdoor fun, enema nozzless should be your best friend. Nowadays, they don’t have to be only cleansing tool. They can turn cleaning your colon into enjoyable experience for both women and men, as they’ve known to stimulate the prostate.


enema nozzles kit

Shower Cleansing nozzles

Enema nozzles are molded plastic, rubber or silicone tubes for anal douche. Depending on your preferences, you can choose from a wide range of shapes and sizes. Picking the right enema nozzle for you will make cleansing more enjoyable and prepare you for incoming anal sensations.

Keep in mind that enema should not be done only as a preparation for anal pleasures. It should be a part of your hygiene routine, because it can benefit your health.

If you don’t want to risk unpleasant moments during your anal fun, make sure you do enema each time before you give yourself into anal pleasure.

How to give yourself an enema

You can do enema by yourself at the comfort of your home. You may want to talk your doctor before doing so, just in case. Depending on your taste, you can do it alone or with the help of your partner.

What you’ll need is preferable enema nozzles, some warm enema solution and some time.

Enema nozzle attachment set

3 Piece Enema Attachment Set


Using filtered, warm water is the most common option, as well as salt water solution. Salt water solution is more preferable to your body, as plain water can draw electrolytes from your body if held in your colon too often and for longer periods of time. You can also use other solutions, but you may want to discuss these with your doctor first. Make sure the water you use for solution is filtered, as you don’t want chlorine or harmful bacteria to enter your colon. Taking probiotics will also help reduce the risk of getting any pathogenic organisms taking over your large intestine.

Silicone enema nozzleThe cleaning solution should be slowly administered into your colon from the enema bag or can, through your enema nozzles. Some may experience discomfort during the process, so take it slow. Calm, deep breaths and light abdominal massage are also quite helpful.

The amount of solution depends on the type of solution you’re using and your body itself. You may want to start with as low as 500 ml and increase the amount over time. Make sure the temperature of your enema solution is appropriate for your body (comfortable range is between 37-40 ˚C). Testing the temperature on the wrist is an excellent indicator.

You’ll want to do your enema in one of common positions: laying on the side, laying on the back or with your buttocks up. You don’t want to do it standing or sitting on the toilet. Working against gravity will not help you in retaining the solution inside your colon. When you have taken the amount of solution that you can comfortably hold, slowly remove the enema nozzle.

At the very start, you’ll probably want to expel the enema as soon as possible. After the desired amount of cleaning solution is in your colon, it is recommended to retain it around 15-30 minutes before expelling, but you shouldn’t go over your limit. After you’ve reached the desired retaining time or you feel the urge to expel the enema, sit on the toilet for some time to dispose the enema.

The process can be repeated a few times, until the content that comes out of your colon is clear. You may want to stay close to the toilet for some time, just in case there’s some leftover liquid.

After you’ve done with the enema, make sure that you clean and keep your nozzle according to instructions manual. Also, keep in mind that enema doesn’t protect you from sexually transmitted diseases, so make sure you use condom each time your practice anal sex.

Now, let’s get you through some of the most wanted versions of enema nozzles.

Inflatable enema nozzles

Inflatable enema nozzle I’ve tried (Rubber Inflatable Enema Plug with Inflation Bulb) is an enema plug made of natural rubber, with handy inflation bulb.

Though it’s quite supple, if you’re a starter I’d recommend using some water based lubricant with this one if you find the plug a bit too much for you. The nozzle itself is 4.3 inches long and around 1.5 inches wide. It inflates around 20-30% during the process, depending on the pressure on the pump.

I find inflatable enema nozzle handy because of the shape of the plug. It is molded so it prevents the plug from falling out until you want to expel the enema and gently pull it out. Rubber hose passes liquid through the plug directly in the colon and can be attached to enema bag. Also, the pump has simple release valve which is really easy to use. I’d give this one 4.6 out of 5 stars, just because some people may be allergic to rubber.

Inflatable Enema Plug

Inflatable Enema Plug With Inflation Bulb


Double balloon enema nozzle

If you’re allergic to rubber or want to add some more pressure to the liquid entering your colon, I’d recommend using double balloon enema nozzles. The one I’ve tried, Silicone Inflatable Double Bulb Enema System, is made of silicone.

This one also adds more pleasure to the process, so I’d specially recommend it to experienced anal enthusiasts. The silicone bubbles are soft enough to be gentle to your tissue even without the help of lubricant, yet, they are firm and flexible enough for comfortable use. Larger balloon is 5 inches in length and has a maximum diameter of 3 inches when inflated. The smaller balloon is 1.75 inches in length and its maximum diameter is 2 inches. Double balloon enema nozzle has two pumps/balloons with release valve.

By inflating both balloons, the water enters your colon, creates a seal and gives you the strong sense of fullness. Again, I’d recommend starters to go slowly with this one, as the sense of fullness it gives can be too much for some. Personally, I’d rate this one 5 out of 5 stars.

Silicone Double Bulb Nozzle

Double Bulb Nozzle

Enema retention nozzle

What I’d definitely recommend to starters and those who have difficulties controlling their anal sphincter and are not able to retain the nozzle is enema retention nozzle. Using enema retention nozzle will prevent accidental or unplanned leaking of the liquid.

Retention Enema Nozzle I’ve tried has a wider tip and it stays in until you want to remove it. I think this may be the gentlest nozzle I’ve tried, though it’s quite long (5 inches). If you go too hard on this one, it may bend a bit, but you can easily control it. It’s made of medical silicone and is super easy to clean. Simply rinse it after use and drop it in boiling water for a few minutes and then let it dry. This one gets 4.8 out of 5 stars.

Retention Enema Nozzle

Retention Enema Nozzle


Sometimes using even the best-fitting enema nozzles can be a bit hard at the beginning, while it’s new and until you get used to it. That’s why I’d recommend using lubricant with each one. So pick your favourite enema nozzle, lube it up, go at your pace and have fun!


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