Colt Anal Douche

Anal play aficionados and newbies alike, in today’s spotlight, we will talk about Colt anal douche, a product many online stores offer along with other similar items. Lindsey here, and in this article, we get to talk about what makes Colt anal douche the perfect cleaning buddy for you.

Why Use Colt Anal douche

More and more couples are engaging in anal sex and the need to feel clean in the back area has become part of their hygienic routine. Some even have their intimate parts bleached and there are coltthose who use anal douche to steer clear of embarrassing situations.

What a douche does, for those of you who do not know, is clean the rectum by flushing water inside to allow the dirt to be flushed out. It is very much like giving yourself an enema.

Basically there is a tip you push in your anus attached to a bulb liquid container. You squeeze or spray water inside and release repeatedly until the water is clear. There are a variety of anal douche available in the market today. What I personally consider one of the best is Colt Anal Douche.

Colt Anal Douche Products

Here are three of their douche available in online stores and adult toy stores near you.

Colt The Guyser Anal Douche:

Colt The GuyserThis Colt anal douche weighs 7.81 Ounces in total, 1.00 Inche wide and 5.50 Inches long. It comes in the color read and is waterproof skin safe and Phthalate Free. It is a perfect way to clean up before engaging in hot anal play. The Guyser is a reusable douche made up of two parts that separates easily for easier cleaning.

This anal douche has a semiflexible TPR tip which screws into the large black rubber squeeze bulb. The bulb is supposed to be filled with warm water before after use. You will squeeze the bulb when the tip is inserted the anus 5.5 inches at most.

The tip is made comfortable because of its rounded tip and the slightly tapered shaft helps keep the douche in place where you need it to be.

Colt Bum Buddy Red:

The COLT Bum Buddy, comes in the color red, is perfect for men who have rough and sizzling anal activities. This man-sized cleaning system can carry 15.5 fluid ounces to flush out what’s inside your backside.

Made of skin safe materials like all Colt anal douche products, its silicone bulb and other parts are easy to disassemble for quick cleaning. Ergonomically designed, this colt douche provides comfort and reach when used.

Fill with warm water or your favorite liquid. Colt Bum Buddy is phthalate free, made of silicone and Thermoplastic Rubber TPR.

colt bum buddy red

Colt Bum Buddy, Red


Colt Advance Shower Shot Enema Kit:

This black phthalate free enema kit weighs 1.08 lbs and can be attached to the faucet or shower thanks to its universal adapter. It is rather lightweight because it is made of skin safe plastic materials.

Called COLT Advanced Shower Shot hydro power action, it gives a thorough cleaning of the inside of your rear. It has a valve that lets you adjust the spray setting from faucet to shower. It is rather easy to turn on and off and install in a shower, bath, or sink.

The Colt anal douche kit has a stainless steel hose that is over 6 feet or 1.75 meters, non-tarnishing, Nickel-Free and non-crimping. With 3 variable spray attacments, the kit is compatible with all Travel Shower Shot components. Made of all skin safe materials, this advanced users douche promotes cleanliness and sexual well-being.

Colt Shower Shot Enema Kit

Colt Shower Shot Enema Kit



In a nutshell

This Colt Anal Douche Review shows us many options in anal douching using Colt products. As far as I’m concerned, the durability and ease in cleaning are what I look for in products used in anal penetration and these anal douche pass with flying colors.


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