Anal Douche Review

anal douche Not everyone is knowledgeable about this cleaning process using an anal douche even though they engage in anal sex often. Douching for men and some women is a great way to keep your anal area clean. The anal douching for men can be bought in drugstores just like the vaginal douche. But what is it? Do we really need to use it?

This article aims to shed some light about what an anal douche is, how it is used, why use it and discuss the different types and materials used in the process. Hopefully, we help shed some light to the douche and help you decide if you need to use it or not.



What is an anal douche?

anal douching bulbAnal douching is very much like an enema, a procedure in which liquid or gas is injected into the rectum.
It is done to expel the contents of the rectum, insert drugs or permit X-ray imaging. Anal douche gained popularity as a response to emerging populations of gay men who want to keep their bodies clean, even down in there.

Basically it is a device that lets a stream of water inside the rectum to flush out the filth inside and make sure it is clean enough for anal play. It is used for medical and hygienic purposes.

An anal douche uses less water than an enema and should not be used to rinse any other body cavity. If it’s anal, let’s just limit the use to the anal area. There are vaginal douches out in the market for cleaning the vagina. You get the point, right?

Both gay men and women who have anal sex need a means for cleaning their anuses before having anal sex. So, according to sex historians, water and soap provided a safe means, but the traditional method didn’t remove all the ‘filth’.

This is where anal douche or enema douche come in. It offered a safe, effective method of removing filth before anal sex. And up until today, the anal douching remains a popular method among men and women who engage in anal sex.


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How to use an anal douche?

The most effective method for cleaning the hard to reach areas of the anal area, the anal douche is used to eliminate filth, remove any impurities and prevent infections. The anal lining is a delicateDeluxe douche anal cleaning kit tissue that can easily tear and get infected.

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Cleaning using water and soap can cause you to harm the lining because you insert your fingers here and there to reach into areas you want cleaned. This is why the anal douche is ideal. These devices come in a variety of shapes and different experience levels as far as anal penetration is concerned.

  • You start off by making sure the entire douche is clean not just the douche nozzle. Make sure the entire device is clean before using to prevent chances of infection.
  • Next step is to fill the device with tepid water. It is not recommended that you use scolding water or water with soap. The bath soap we commonly use can actually irritate the delicate tissue inside our anal cavity and cause infections.
  • Use lube on the anal douche nozzle and the anal cavity as well. Irritation or abrasions are common when you force an object into your rectum. Lubrication makes it safe and easy to slip something in. You all know this part; I am just making sure it is understood.
  • Insert the douche into the anal cavity and squeeze the bulb to release the water into the rectum.
  • Remove the douche and release the water inside your rectum.
  • Continue the process until the water remains clear and free from any filth and viola, your anal area is clean as whistle.

It is also recommended that you use an anal douche around 45 minutes prior to anal play. If you are not that experienced with anal penetration but need to clean using a douche, you can choose one that has a small bulb. There are also different kinds of spray motion to choose from. Ask when you buy over the counter douches that usually contain ‘additions’ to help with things like constipation. I recommend that you throw the additions away and rinse out the tube/bulb before you douche.

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Cleaning For Anal Sex

Any healthy rectum contains filth especially when the bowel is full. Many people feel better cleaning this area first especially if they’re about to do some heavy anal play and penetration with their romantic partner. Of course, we all want to avoid nasty and embarrassing moments during sexual play. It is just a total turn off.

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So when it comes to anal penetration, anyone has reservations that your partner may catch some filth and get turned off. Nobody wants partners with a dirty rectum, so gay men and women opt to douche. I myself, clean using the anal douche before I have sex with my husband. Sometimes I want to be penetrated in the back door. It’s fun and immensely pleasurable when done properly.

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The douche is use is mine and mine alone of course. I don’t let anyone else use it and keep it in a box. But each time I intend to use it, I make sure I wash it all over again. Using the douche too often though can cause problems as well by irritating the anal lining causing tears and infection.

With proper use, the anal douche presents us with a safe way to make sure our insides are clean. Both men and women who engage in anal activities should try cleaning via douches because it offers a quick, safe, simple solution to cleaning the anus.